4 Kitchen Products that Save Time and Money

Three or four years ago, I couldn’t imagine asking anyone to buy me kitchen supplies – we had plates, bowls, cups, etc. What else do you need, besides the random donated pan and pot from the parents? And in a way, we didn’t need much else. Many people get along just fine with the basics, and more still have to worry about the ability to put food on those plates every day. I’m fortunate to have enough. I’m also fortunate that, when M proposed in our backyard and we started doing all of the newly-engaged (first-world, middle-class, overly privileged and grateful about it) couple things like registering at Crate & Barrel and Macy’s, our friends and family saw reason in the seemingly wild requests for things like elegant bone china with an English lace pattern and crystal flutes. Those tokens of our marriage celebration with said friends and family mark a monumental and precious time in our life, and on our table at every fancy holiday gathering.

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BUT – our beautiful dishware doesn’t make my life easier, and I am all about convenience and efficiency. I blog in the morning as part of my amazing morning routine, then work all day, and then want food to be instantly fabulous, but takeout every night is too much.

So if we only had access to a few kitchen items (besides the basics), here’s what I would choose, and why:

Popcorn maker

Slow Cooker

  • Slow Cooker (Crockpot). Imagine with me – dinnertime rolls around, only for you to plate and serve what has been easily cooking since you dumped it unceremoniously in the crockpot that morning. Plus, if I had a dollar for every fabulous crockpot recipe on Pinterest (lots on my food board here), I could blog full-time 🙂


  • Latte & Espresso Maker. It may be totally a matter of taste, but I LOVE making my own coffee in 2 minutes in the morning, exactly how I like it, for SO MUCH LESS MONEY than Starbucks (my splurge-y love). Added bonus – the act of creating, then enjoying your own beverage/breakfast creates additional control over and peace in the morning. For more about why and how I prioritize morning me-time, click here!
  • Pyrex glass food storage containers. Color-coded, keeps food fresh, and most importantly, each container is dishwasher, oven, and microwave-safe! Plus I’ve banged them against each other by accident and they survived. So, thumbs up!

I recognize some of these products can be pricey- but you can find equally fancy-pants, less expensive versions (check out this durable Dinnerware Set – it’s the same price for 4 place settings as 1 of my beloved but super-fancy Wedgwood)!

These are just what I have found make my life easier, but perspective helps, too. I’m so grateful to have the products, and the means, to put food on our table; and as much as possible (but at minimum, once a year around the holidays,) I try to provide food for others with donations to the Worcester County Food Bank.

What makes your life easier in the kitchen, or out of it? I always love to hear from you – thank you for reading!


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