5 steps to a healthy morning routine

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I’ll readily admit I’ve got it good/easy – I work from home, no kids, etc. but as life gets more complicated, I’ll need a healthy morning routine (including me time) even more! How would you like to enjoy your coffee or tea quietly, while reading a book or simply breathing deeply? Perhaps some yoga practice or a run appeals to you – whatever your cup of tea is (pun intended thankyouverymuch), I think carving out even 5-10 minutes for yourself is a critical part of a healthy morning routine.

Chocolate-ginger scone & peppermint tea

Chocolate-ginger scone & peppermint tea from Bread & Chocolate in Newton, MA

As Americans, and especially for the brave, strong and hardworking parents I know, we simply do not get enough me time. So, as part of the continued effort to create my own happiness and share the love, here are 5 steps to a healthy morning routine. Because you’re worth it (not affiliated with Maybelline)! 🙂
1. Get some sustenance. Coffee, tea, avocado toast (I love mine with coconut oil and a little thyme), pancakes, smoothies, whatever! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I am a firm believer in the power of a hot beverage on a cold morning. Check out my Pinterest food board for some fresh ideas – the avocado toast with eggs & sriracha is a yummy twist on a classic!!

2. Set clear expectations. I’m big on expectations – I know I’m not the only one who thinks communication is a critical part of any relationship. So communicate your healthy morning routine to your partner, kids, whoever else you need to in order to make it routine and understood that you are to be given that time to do you. If it helps, consider setting a calendar invite or reminder with a loving quote or appealing title (of course, I’ll suggest “the foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows it under his feet”) to prompt your me time.

3. Be flexible. Don’t be crushed if your dedicated yoga practice is overtaken by a morning of sleeping in, a family breakfast outing, a snow day, etc. Recognize that mindfulness is a beautiful method of me time as well; so if you have your hot tea in a to-go cup while you watch your kids sled in your backyard, take the opportunity to notice the sparkle of the snow as it falls, the scent of the herbs absorbing the hot water in your cup, and the warmth spreading through your belly and core.

4. Be consistent! This one is important and comes with a grain of salt (see #3). Give yourself the respect and time to make your healthy morning routine/me time happen. My husband sleeps later than I do, but I like to cuddle in the mornings. So I get up and get my coffee and cuddle with the dog downstairs, then I tend to go back up for cuddles and wake up with him! This morning routine works for me, so it’s easy to keep up.

5. Think outside the box! Maybe your healthy morning routine is a run through the park with your dog, maybe it’s curling up with some tea, maybe it’s yoga (Namaste!) or maybe it’s only once a month, doing brunch with your closest friends in the city. Bostonians, check out Brunches of Boston on Instagram or Facebook to find the best local eats thanks to my cousin Alie! Can I get a hell yeah for local businesses?!

So those are my 5 tips – but everyone is different, and everyone is SO worth me time. I would love to hear from you – what’s on your morning must-do list?

Thank you so much for reading! From my healthy morning routine to yours – enjoy!


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  1. This is great. Getting a great start can set your tone for the whole day. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thank you so much for letting me know! I need reminders too – I’m so glad this helped 🙂

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