Nobody likes a sangry wife (Why I do yoga)

Nobody likes a sangry wife = why do yoga? | Happy Wife, Creative Life

The term hangry has risen in popularity with the increase in juice-based detoxes (coincidence? yeah, right!) recently, meaning anger fueled by hunger. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new term – I think – which I’ll call sangry, or anger fueled by stress. Maybe strangry would be more logical, but that’s a creepy and weird-sounding word, and the beauty of making up words is that we can make them whatever we want.

So – just as there’s a great solution to the hangry problem (solid food!), there are many solutions to the sangry problem. Mine happens to be yoga.

I annoy myself with the frequency of the phrase “we just have a lot going on” tumbling out of my mouth. And I know I’m not alone here in the hamster wheel! We live in a crazy fast-paced time and society, and although the husband and I don’t have kids, we do seem to have this uncanny ability to keep ourselves really busy.

It’s all amazing stuff – over the past few years, the really busy parts of our lives have included Matt going back to school, us both transitioning to new jobs, buying a house, getting married, and all the fun stuff that goes with it. Life is full of wonderful people and events, but (and it IS ok to have a ‘but’ despite these being, admittedly, total first world problems) if we burn out, there’s no enjoying all of that amazing stuff! I think we all need our solutions (like yoga) so that when we return to our productive/busy/hectic/fun, social and love-filled lives, we can live in those moments and appreciate them that much more. Sounds cheesy, but I love cheese. Plus, recognizing that I’m being sangry, then solving it actually works for me – and I bet I’m not alone in that either.

I go to the gym or do yoga 2-3 days a week, or as often as my BFF K and I decide to choose running over Netflix and wine, and that gym time helps, just like writing helps, and cooking, and slow dancing with my husband in the kitchen. I especially love slow dancing 🙂

But ultimately, I always come back to yoga. It can be amazing exercise, a social activity, fun and goofy (especially for those of us who have horrible balance), but for me the part that helps the most is the zen part. When we say Namaste,” here’s what that means:

Nobody likes a hangry wife - why I do yoga. Namaste. | Happy Wife, Creative Life

There are a couple of beautiful, almost miraculous elements of Namaste.

  1. There is “the divine” in me
  2. I see it in you, too
  3. We take the time (10 seconds, maybe?) to acknowledge and even honor it
How often do we really pause and reflect on our inner sanctity and the miracles in others around us? Hopefully often, but I know I get caught up in other stuff a lot.

Recently, Matt & I spent some time with relatives in Arkansas, one of whom had recently experienced a life-threatening medical event. We’ll call that one G. Let me tell you, that as soon as G felt well enough (and he’s no wimp), he was not only up and about, but smiling and truly appreciating those tiny moments that matter so much. When I told him how much love my family and our close friends were sending his way, he said “I know, it’s coming from all over – you can’t buy love like this.” His wife, M, who had been understandably shaken by G’s health happenings, still took small joys in the daily stuff many of us find irritating or a chore – like cooking dinner or doing the dishes.  I volunteered for dish duty after a beautiful family dinner, and she showed me how she likes to do dishes. The lights were lowered a bit in the kitchen, and the way M does dishes involves filling a clean white tub with warm, soapy water and then rinsing the cleaned ones before we put them in the dishwasher to dry. I remember doing dishes that way when we went camping (minus the dishwasher dryer!) and it was so relaxing  and peaceful to just be in that moment.
That’s what made me start thinking about the incredible beauty of a miracle in every day with the people we love. Even if we’re doing dishes together.  I don’t often get reminders like that – the importance of cherishing life and EVERY moment we have – and I took it seriously, coming from two people who have stared death in the face and walked away for now. Sometimes our loved ones are taken from us with no notice at all, or so little we may not have time to say goodbye. Even when we do have time to say goodbye, that still doesn’t seem like enough.
The fact is, and this is not groundbreaking, but life is short. And we’ve all heard the inspirational reminders to seize the day and live in the moment, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. I know I get really excited about everything I’m working on 🙂 But if what I’m spending so much time on is causing me to spend all my time in my own head, I run the risk of becoming stressed, and then sangry!
So that’s why I do yoga. Even if it’s five minutes or five poses a day, I need to devote a little time to me so that I can appreciate the time I have with everyone I love.
[ One Legged King Pigeon Pose 〰 Eka Pad Rajakapotasana ]. littlebluekiwi:
As far as yoga goes, I’m not an expert, but I know everyone is different. Personally, I love pigeon pose (above) because my hips get really tight, and pigeon helps stretch them out. I also love child’s pose, and the humility and introspection it encourages.
For some people, running is an escape from feeling sangry. Coloring books are everywhere these days, and I definitely enjoy unwinding with a few butterflies or even a funky dragon – and I don’t worry about coloring within the lines. My morning coffee is absolutely a great way to de-stress if I wake up cranky (check out my tips for a peaceful morning).

Whatever your solution or escape might be, relax into it and enjoy. If you haven’t quite found your sangry cure, keep looking until you do – but only in calm exploration of what satisfies your soul. Easy, right? 🙂 Just kidding… But life is too short, and we and our loved ones are completely worth the ability to appreciate and celebrate our collective moments together.

So turn up Pharrell’s Happy, or Andy Grammar’s Good to be Alive, dance around a little and shake off your stress! Let go of sangry feelings, and tasks like doing the dishes seems that much easier. Plus, isn’t it so much more fun when we have a clean kitchen? 🙂 How do you unwind? Please let me know what works for you – everyone is different and I’m always learning!!

Thanks for reading and coming along on the journey! and if you’re into yoga, Namaste 🙂
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