How to Do Anything You Want, and Why You Should

I’m not that creative. My Mom says I am, and I’m more creative than I used to be, but it hasn’t always come naturally.  The cool thing is, I just had to try whatever I might think “I wish I could…” (take on a huge, travel-heavy job and plan a wedding at the same time, build a great Powerpoint presentation, figure out how to make the DVD player work, and start a blog!) 🙂

And every time I try (pretty much) anything, I accomplish the following:

  • I learn something
  • I feel powerful/awesome/like I can do anything I want if I just try
  • I accomplish something similar to what I originally tried to do 🙂

Here are things that NEVER happen when I try something new:

  • It turns out exactly the way I thought
  • It’s perfect
  • It makes me feel like a failure

I mess up, I make messes (mostly craft-related, but sometimes emotional!!) and I have a fantastic time! Sometimes, puppy C even gets involved – he takes his job very seriously (C’s real name shortened for privacy reasons, of course).

How to Do Anything You Want, and Why You Should | Happy Wife, Creative Life

Charlie supervising baby shower crafts

Most recently, I co-hosted a baby shower for my bestie T (here’s a tutorial on how to make the DIY Growth Chart seen in the photo below – our first Hubby Highlight!!) with T’s sister A and co-BFF J. A has been nailing the whole “master of her own universe” thing, especially after she quit her job impromptu last week, and then got a job offer that same afternoon. Keep an eye out for an HC (Happy, Creative!) guest feature from A soon!

Anyway…Pinterest exploded baby shower ideas recently, and since J DIY-d her entire gorgeous wedding and I’m on this whole creative kick 😉 we got out our ribbons and said Let’s GLUE this!

How to Do Anything You Want, and Why You Should | Happy WIfe, Creative Life

Happy Mama with adorable gifts and my talented husband’s handmade Growth Chart (HC Hubby Highlight DIY Tutorial here!)

Mama T chose a “Little Man” theme and we went to town! We made Pinterest-inspired bow ties for every guest and themed favors, plus little printed signs for the clothespins and favors. If anyone is interested in the little signs, I’m more than happy to share what I have, but the fun thing is that I just tried to make them, and guess what happened? They actually turned out ok!! I felt SO empowered and totally stoked. The sign that says “grab a bowtie” below was originally inspired from a printable I found online, but unfortunately neither I nor my friends from Staples could figure out how to make it larger than 3″ tall. So I sat down at one of their pay-by-the-minute computers and whipped up this one. Pretty awesome for someone who isn’t that creative, huh? My point is, you can do anything!! and that kind of confidence (scary, right?!) comes after just making a SIGN. How about our friends who just decided to try and have a baby? I’m happy just thinking about the wealth of joy and love they’re feeling 🙂

How to Do Anything You Want, and Why You Should | Happy Wife, Creative Life

Bow ties aren’t just for boys…

At the shower, there was so much love for this baby boy nobody has even met yet – I can’t imagine what it will actually be like to have him around. It’s such a magical, crazy idea – but before we know it, he’ll be hanging out with us!! And his soon-to-be parents are already amazing. Even at parenting!! They’re SO prepared, even though I’m sure they don’t feel that way! For example, they bought him this amazingly soft stuffed bunny, and they take turns cuddling it to make sure the baby feels the love from both of them as soon as he gets it. #parentwin

How to Do Anything You Want, and Why You Should | Happy Wife, Creative Life

J’s amazing Boy banner. We hung this over the area where the parents-to-be opened gifts!

They also are both fabulous people. And they happen to do anything they want (from my perspective) and I mean that in the most complimentary way – they’re sweet, gracious people and AWESOME huggers. T inspires me to continue to be creative all the time. You should have seen her craft room (pre-nursery – now it looks absolutely gorgeous and peaceful and ready for baby P!!) with the bookcase full of yoga books, her writing, poetry and sketches. She works a full-time, bigtime job in the city AND radiates love; she’s incredibly busy and loves extensive crafting projects AND keeps her house ridiculously clean and beautiful…and she does all of that because she wants to. When we met and I discovered just how awesome T is, I actually became a little jealous! And then I got over it and we became besties and I started to try everything I wanted to do, too – instead of just wishing I could and becoming resentful, jealous and unhappy. I even did a great job with most of the things I tried! And now A & T are having a BABY, which is the most important, exciting, momentous thing to happen since their wedding. It’s also a pretty impressive, brave and faithful feat. I don’t know about you guys, but I think parenting is SCARY!! And somehow, people do it every day. For YEARS. And mine even did a really really really great job at it.

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I’m guessing not many people feel 100% confident that they’ll be perfect parents before they actually have a baby. They just figure trying is better than not trying, so they try.

So here’s how to do anything you want:

1. Try.

And here’s why we should – because we can! Whether you cover your eyes before pushing “submit” on a new job application, take a deep breath prior to signing up to go back to school, or do a dance for luck and then go skydiving, gather your druthers, your gumption, or your somethin’ somethin’ and just TRY whatever you’ve been scared to!! What’s the worst that could happen?! I think in most cases, it’s fair to say that not trying is way worse than trying and even failing.

How to Do Anything You Want, and Why You Should | Happy Wife, Creative Life

For us, our next big attempt is one of the scariest yet. I’m going to need to cover my eyes, take a deep breath, do a luck dance and gather all kinds of druthery gumption somethin’ somethin’ before we tackle the GARAGE!! AHH!!! So, of course I’ll share that adventure, including the plans, the process, and the before/after. If I were a betting woman (and I do enjoy a good casino night with my husband now and then), I would bet that our plans and the result are not a perfect match. But, I also would bet that we’ll be satisfied with the results. All because we decided to try! Wish us luck 🙂

What have you tried that scared you? Or even scarier, what have you NOT tried yet but want to? Part of a Happy Creative life is trying new things….but it makes me feel better to talk about them 🙂 I’d love to share with you! Thank you SO much for reading, and for leaving a comment below if you can!


A Happy Wife 🙂

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Happy Wife, Creative Life

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