DIY Face Serum for Spring

DIY Face Serum Recipe for Spring | Happy Wife, Creative Life

SPRING IS HERE! Except for the snow on the ground and 18nights. Lucky for us, we get to wear fabulous winter clothes like sweaters, boots and scarves – ahh 🙂 but my skin suffers this time of year. Going from freezing cold and windy outdoors to hot air blowing in cars or the office is very harsh on my face! I think transitional weather like this is tough on everyone’s skin (although the wild feeling in the air is AWESOME for my soul!), and I consider myself lucky that most of the time, my skin is fairly clear.

I’ll share a little background with you for context – I have struggled with breakouts for years. Not quite acne, but bad enough, and consistent enough, that when I cried uncle to my dermatologist in anticipation of our upcoming wedding, she put me on Accutane. That was a wild ride…for anyone who hasn’t personally experienced or known anyone who has taken Accutane, it’s a trip. Not a fun one. But on the other side, I can tell you that my skin is much better. I am also more sensitive to what I put on my skin, knowing how strong and delicate it can be.

Our skin – our body’s largest organ – holds up through a lot of abuse. The better we take care of our skin, the better it’ll take care of us! When I was a teenager, I told my maternal grandmother that sunscreen gave me pimples, so I didn’t want to wear any. She told me that pimples are temporary, but wrinkles and sunspots last forever, so I’d better start wearing that sunscreen! Now I’m a sunscreen queen 🙂

Whatever our skin story may be, we know that what we put on our skin gets absorbed, right? Lately I’ve heard all kinds of scary stories about chemicals and metals in face creams and makeup, and I’ve been inspired to clean my stuff up a little. My BFF K actually made me a surprise gift (how fun!!) of homemade face serum recently, and when I ran out I begged her for the recipe so I could whip up some more. My face and I have become a little addicted to the feel and the smell of it!

My skin is combination, so I only use it at night, and my fabulous facialist (I go about once every 3-4 months for a tune-up) agreed that after washing my face using my Clarisonic, applying this serum and a sleep mask is an amazing combination to quench my thirsty, tired skin. I have to tell you, I actually wake up a little glowy and I attribute it to drinking lots of water, healthy foods & exercise, and this nighttime skincare routine. It feels like I’m actually giving my face lots of love and then I settle in happily for a good night’s sleep 🙂

Between K’s inspirational serum that started this lovely, oily journey and the wonderful Everblossom’s list of carrier oils and essential oils (choose the best for your skin type!) I have pulled together a customizeable DIY Serum Recipe 🙂 I love making and using it, and hope you do too!

DIY Face Serum for Spring | Happy Wife, Creative Life

Ingredients. No chemicals here!

So, without further ado (’cause honestly, who COULDN’T talk about yummy-smelling essential oils all day?! ahh) here is the recipe for DIY Face Serum for Spring. Of course, you can use it any time of year, but my skin NEEDS it now!

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DIY Face Serum for Spring

Ingredients assuming a 1 oz bottle:

Note – all of these ingredients can be switched out to customize a serum specifically for your skin type and scent preferences 🙂 Check out Everblossom’s Kylie’s fabulous post about how to make your own face serum for your skin type here! Bear in mind, Kylie is not a business partner nor friend of mine (YET) but her blog is awesome! Go girl!

DIY Face Serum for Spring | Happy Wife, Creative Life

the final product!


Add all ingredients and shake ’em up.

DIY Face Serum for Spring | Happy Wife, Creative Life


Always shake well prior to applying, to mix up all of the good oils! Apply sparingly, a little goes a long way. And remember to dab under your eyes, no rubbing that delicate area 🙂 Every skin type is different, so I recommend consulting with an expert on what will work best for you!

Here are the specifics of my routine: at night, I use my Clarisonic with face wash (still in the market for a great one – any recommendations?) then apply my serum. I then use my amazing Brightening Sleeping Mask from Peter Thomas Roth (get it at Ulta here) with Camu Camu in it. What’s Camu Camu, you say? Who cares – it’s called Camu Camu! Just kidding. It’s an awesome superfood with antioxidents and vitamin C. This one is somewhat pricier than drugstore lotions, but I only use a tiny bit and it’s WORTH IT. It made this list of the best overnight face masks (which models swear by) along with my other favorite wild rose night cream from Korres. As Harshleen from Beauty Tidbits – creator of the list above – says, “They really are a lazy beauty girl’s dream come true.” Can’t get any better than that.

I always love hearing about fun new combinations and beauty tips. What works for you? Let me know if you try this yummy face serum so we can compare notes! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and being a part of this fun journey with me. I write for me and for you, and I’m having so much fun! 🙂

A Happy Wife

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Happy Wife, Creative Life

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