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The great thing about essential oils is that they already smell amazing, so it’s hard to go wrong – even if you are not a licensed apothecary-owning homeopathic. I do daydream about running an apothecary, but in the meantime my home might as well smell like essential oils!

I consider scented sprays a critical part of any powder room – especially the guest bathroom – but finding the right spray can be surprisingly tough. Now, I’m not solving world hunger here (yet!) but I think allowing guests to do their duty in peace, while eliminating potential worries of any residual ickiness, is a host’s responsibility. At the same time, I’m sensitive to limitations of store-bought brands. I’m not a huge fan of spraying chemicals into the air, and even some of the natural brands bought in a store can be overly scented. Two of my immediate family members are allergic to perfume, and the last thing I want is for a guest in my home to spray something that should be lovely and light (to cover up something natural but stinky) and then have a coughing attack!

I happen to LOVE the three essential oils I used in this all-natural bathroom spray, and there are more solid reasons to use them as well (I’ll get there in a moment) but this spray can be customized with anyone’s favorite scents, or whatever essential oils you have on hand from other projects (like my yummy-smelling, soothing DIY Face Serum). Oils can be expensive, especially when bought ad hoc at Whole Foods as I occasionally do. I love to use what I have on hand, and that also helps with scent consistency. It can be nasally overwhelming to use 20 different scents!

So why buy these essential oils? Well – rosemary fights infections and happens to boost mental clarity, so you might just exit the restroom with a great idea! Lavender is antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-grumpiness…pretty much all-around wonderful. And lemon is anti-bacterial and helps reduce stress/anxiety. So put ’em together, and a quick spritz in the powder room just might leave you happier, more relaxed, clear-headed and cleaner – you may become an inventor as a result of this spray. Probably not if that wasn’t already in your path, but hey – you never know what a quick pick-me-up can do 🙂

HC Quick TIp: Easy & All-Natural Bathroom Spray DIY | Happy WIfe, Creative Life

Easy and SO yummy-smelling to make and use!

This link leads to an affiliate site, so if you purchase your essential oils from them, you pay the same competitive low price you would anywhere else online, but I receive compensation for the sale – wahoo! For more information about my affiliate programs and how they work, check out my disclaimer page.


This is an HC Quick Tip – grab the scented oils you have around the house, check out the offerings on Amazon.com, or give in and go to a specialty store – let’s get going!

Easy & All-Natural Bathroom Spray

Lemon Essential Oil (6 drops)

Rosemary Essential Oil (10 drops)

Lavender Essential Oil (10 drops)

-Filtered water

Shake ingredients in a spray bottle! Remember to shake it up before each use to mix the oils and water. Bonus points for shaking your booty while you shake the spray.


Et voila! I’m listening to French music (Standards/Vocal Jazz Pandora Radio – LOVE it for writing, rainy days and Sunday mornings) – but regardless, that’s how easy it is to mix up your own all-natural bathroom spray! My husband even said “that new soap you got smells good” and since there was no new soap in the bathroom, I translated that to mean he likes the spray too! Double win. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


A Happy Wife (whose bathroom smells SO fresh and so clean clean)


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