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The Party Tub | Happy Wife, Creative Life

Sometimes I win at planning parties. Other times, I tell myself it’s a casual brunch, NBD, until I wake up that morning realizing we can’t NOT decorate for my Dad’s birthday!

Enter the party tub. We just happen to have, all in one centrally located party-themed smorgasboard of a blue plastic tub; a fluffy paper ball, Happy Birthday napkins, Seahawks-green plasticware, funky plastic champange glasses and picnic-themed wine glass charms. That party tub sits in our garage right underneath the paper crafts tub that contains containing shimmery bold-colored cardstock, twine and various writing/painting tools.

The Party Tub | Happy Wife, Creative Life

The paper crafts tub – party tub’s BFF

So when I sleepily stretched around 6:30AM on Saturday morning, excited to slowly enjoy coffee and yoga prior to the birthday kayaking party for Dad’s 56th, I did NOT have a subsequent panic attack upon realizing that we COMPLETELY failed to even think about decorating prior to that moment. But before we go too far here, let’s clarify a few things:

  1. My Dad is the greatest. Not Muhammed Ali-style, may he rest in peace. But as in, among Dads I know, and I think I have managed to know the best Dads in the entire world; between my grandfathers, uncles, close family friends, and my amazing father-in-law, my Dad is #1.
  2. I love planning! and hosting! and decorating!
  3. We happily volunteered to host Dad’s birthday brunch about a month in advance. I did not have “whoops, it was so last-minute!” going for me.

Point is, there was really no reason why we waited until the butt-crack of dawn on the morning of the brunch to start decorating. But we did, and thanks to the party tub, no sweat – it turned out great!!


The Party Tub | Happy Wife, Creative Life

The results of our impromptu, but important, decorating!

The party tub is a product of a few facets of my personality: I love to reuse vs. throwing more garbage into the waste stream (read: I’m a recovering minor hoarder), I love to be resourceful vs. purchasing something new (except shoes) and I can be scatterbrained about important stuff like decorating for a birthday brunch. Plus, how fun is organization?!

So here’s how to make your own party tub:

Step 1: Start saving usable ribbons, plasticware, party favors or decorations, and obviously your party pants. Just in case.

  • Important note: Do not save the only scrap of wrapping paper that doesn’t match anything else. Party tubs work best when the décor matches – it’s like packing neutral colored-clothes on a trip so everything just goes together (plus that pop of color from your fabulous bright purse).

Step 2: Put everything in a tub. Check out our garage-organizing adventure for more tips on normal people (vs. superhero organizers) storage!

Step 3: Label it! I prefer masking tape. Aka we had masking tape and sharpies handy. But check out the amazing Abby at Just A Girl and Her Blog – girl knows labels.

Aaaand that’s about it. The beauty of the party tub (besides saying “to the party tub!!”) is being able to pull it out at the 11th hour before a party and whipping up some beautiful décor. Assuming we followed the important note in step 1 and saved stuff that matches 🙂

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What decorating shortcuts do you use? Here’s to low-key decorating that looks wonderful, and focusing on family and friends, not food (Finding Nemo, anybody?!). Or décor. 🙂


A Happy Wife

The Party Tub | Happy Wife, Creative Life


Happy Wife, Creative Life

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