DIY Fire Starters (Thanks, Girl Scouts!)

I’ve heard that if I write from the heart, the “right” readers will find their way to me. So I’ll start this post clearly stating that, from the bottom of my heart, if you don’t love a good campfire, I’m just not sure this is going to work out. It’s you, it’s not me.
So if we’re still together, then we both love campfires – wahoo! The smell of a fire might be the best part, but arguably s’mores and staring deep into the flames as you ponder life are both top-notch fire benefits as well.

P.S. I no longer just wish I could keep the smell in my house, because now I can!! Check out these sexy candles on amazon!

Yay for campfire smoke – that smell just makes me say “mmmm” over and over. Mmmm now I need to go light a campfire candle until I can sit at a fire again 🙂

The good news from a happy home/fire perspective is twofold:
1. We get to go to a campfire tomorrow night. I plan to wear my favorite hoodie, scarf and jeans and have freshly washed my hair so I can retain that delicious scent as long as possible!!
2. We have a great firepit on our patio. If you don’t yet, check out a few ideas on my Pinterest board!!

Whether you’re going camping or firing up the flames in your own backyard (safely, please – Only YOU can prevent forest fires, right Smokey?) I have a fabulous DIY that is multi-purpose. I love multi-purpose DIYs – so much efficiency!!

These fire starters work really well, and give me a way to repurpose all that dryer lint. My husband Matt wonders at how lint it always comes out of his belly button the same color, no matter what shirt he wears. But that’s a lint of a different color. Dryer lint comes out fast and fluffy, and I hate throwing anything away if I can help it. On the other hand, I don’t want to hoard lint. That’s weird. So the brilliant solution, thanks to my Daisy Girl Scout training as a girl, is these lint and egg carton fire starters!

DIY Fire Starters (Thanks, Girl Scouts!) | Happy Wife, Creative Life

Full disclosure – these are so easy it’s silly. But I’m a little silly, so I’m sharing the wealth passed on to millions of Girl Scouts. The project also requires ingredients that take a while to accumulate – like dryer lint, so this is a good longer-term project to prepare (a few weeks), that takes about 5 minutes to assemble when everything is ready!

DIY Fire Starters


  • Cardboard egg carton(s)
  • Dryer lint
  • Candles (you want a lot of melted wax, so I like to make these after I burn large candles in glass jars)


  1. Start gathering dryer lint – every time you empty your lint trap, store the lint in a plastic bucket. We had a few extra small plastic trash cans around our house so I use one of those.
  2. When you buy eggs, look for cardboard cartons (remember to shop local & free range as often as possible for health and planet-saving reasons).
  3. Once you have an empty cardboard egg carton and enough dryer lint to fill each egg-hole with about an egg-sized amount of lint, go ahead and do that 🙂 Roll lint in your hands to form small eggs and place in each of those cups where the eggs would go.
  4. Burn a large candle and enjoy the scent and peaceful atmosphere. Maybe take a few minutes to relax while the wax melts. I love to meditate or do yoga, but I know some people relax by cooking something delicious (try this salad, make grilled peaches, or prep some veggie-packed pasta Bolognese).
  5. Once an inch or more of wax has melted (time will vary depending on the size of the candle – may take a few hours), carefully pour wax into the lint-egg-filled carton. Wax doesn’t need to fully cover or soak the lint; you just need enough to keep the lint in the carton and bind it all together a bit.

Voila – you now have a dozen fire starters! When you’re ready to use them, tear off one or two eggs worth of fire starter and place them at the bottom of your fire pit before you add wood. Remember to be cautious – don’t make fires on windy days, or too close to the woods, and do not leave them unattended. It just takes a second before your sweet campfire could catch into something much more dangerous – so be responsible and watch your fires!

With that word of warning (a great thing to wrap up a post with – the word WARNING!) I also wish you a wonderful day and many happy adventures and safe campfires!! As always, thank you so much for reading 🙂


A Happy Wife

Happy Wife, Creative Life

Happy Wife, Creative Life

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