Invigorating Detox Tea

Invigorating detox tea from Happy Wife, Creative Life | Great idea to cleanse a little from summertime, and to prepare for indulging this holiday season!! ;)

Recently we hosted brunch (hooray, brunch!!) for my family, and served as much local and homegrown produce as we could. I stood over the kitchen sink, washing the longer-than-my-arm, leafy stalks of homegrown turnip greens as Matt scrubbed the turnip root next to me. Turnips and I have a newly-founded love affair, and I’m excited to announce the newest adventure in Hopedale includes turnips – a winter garden! Wish me luck 🙂

As our heavy chef’s knife transformed fresh thyme, rosemary and sage into a pile of herbal seasoning that smells so good you can’t help but close your eyes as you inhale the scent, conversation turned to the joy of eating healthfully. Dad and I got so giddy about fresh vegetables and herbs – in particular, I tend to jump up and down and fist-pump enthusiastically when we use produce from our gardens – we were smiling ear to ear over the sauté pan as we waxed poetic about the joys of doing good for our bodies and minds.

Clearly, the discussion wasn’t groundbreaking. As the green trend has deepened over the past 10 years, launching endless memes of the phrase “it’s organic!” more and more of us have caught on to the idea that doing good for ourselves is fabulous, and well worth our time, money, and effort. On Twitter this morning, Deepak Chopra (you can find him at, you guessed it, @DeepakChopra) shared an article about how to find ourselves more beautiful. The article asserts that doing good for ourselves through yoga, meditation, good food and plenty of water, doing good for others, etc. can actually make us feel more beautiful – and I have found this to be true! The simple joys of taking care of myself quickly translate into greater happiness with myself – and accordingly, greater self-worth in every way.

In light of self-care, self-love and feeding our bodies and minds with delicious, fresh ingredients, I’d like to propose a toast. But first, let’s whip up the beverage of the day! This detox tea can be served over ice as well, of course (water – it boils OR freezes! :))  and as fall falls fully, its flexibility temperature-wise is key. The other leading benefit of a delicious detox is that it’s a great way to honor my favorite Mae West quote, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” In other words, as the season of BBQ and beach beers winds down, and holiday parties with h’ors d’oeuvres and their bottomless calories kick up, enjoying a MODERATE amount of “guilty” food/drink can be tempered by a good flushing. Please please bear in mind, I’m not recommending imbibing endlessly; nor am I licensed to give any kind of recommendations. But I enjoy taking really good care of my body, especially while there are so many sugary, salty, alcoholic, processed, non-clean temptations floating around! In fact, I recently caught wind of Sober October and am honestly excited to focus on living life with a clearer head for the next month.

So – is this detox tea a cure-all? Of course not. Or is it?! 🙂 Let’s be honest – it’s just delicious and the combined health benefits of lemonmint, and green tea are a fantastic side effect.

Refreshing Detox Iced Tea

    • green tea leaves/bag (optional, for caffeine and additional detoxing benefits)
    • peppermint tea leaves/bag
    • fresh mint leaves
    • lemon juice
    • your favorite mugor teapot

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*Note: I prefer to use loose leaf tea whenever possible, or at minimum tea bags that can be composted. It’s important to minimize waste as much as possible, and as lovely as silk tea bags may be, they can only be disposed of in the trash (read – straight to the landfill).


There are a few ways to make iced tea – you can certainly plop tea bags in a big pitcher with water and ice and store in the fridge for hours, if you’re tight on time! But I find the flavor and health benefits improve if I boil water and pour it over the tea leaves/bag in a few mugs, giving it 10 minutes or so to steep.

      1. Divide green and mint teas among a handful of mugs.
      2. Boil water.
      3. Pour boiling water over teas; steep 10 minutes.
      4. Set tea leaves/bags aside for composting or add to your garden/plants.
      5. Add mint leaves and lemon juice.
      6. Optional but highly recommended: breathe deeply as you inhale the steam, visualizing the lovely tea leaves, mint and lemon as they began as small green shoots; those plants now serve to nourish your body and soul. I love to drink tea as I read or write – it feels so inexplicably luxurious! But then again, as my brother asked recently “are you turning 29 or 85?” so I may be the only one who revels in teatime 🙂

Some things never change ☺️ thanks Grandma for providing the box of old photos taken by @rainierco ❤️❤️

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So, cheers to you! Enjoy this gift to your body and soul, and a little time to yourself if you can. Wishing you health, happiness and peace from our home to yours.


A Happy Wife

Happy Wife, Creative Life

Happy Wife, Creative Life

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