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Real talk: we Millennials are impressionable (I’m the target audience for most of the marketing I see and it ALL looks like a great idea to me; also, I have seen a few people in our age range buy into something because they “saw it online” without seeking verification of truth). But even for a group as easily swayed as we Millenials we do seem to enjoy doing things with other like-minded people, and we get really into that stuff. Case in point – the Ice Bucket Challenge. CVS asked me for years if I wanted to make a donation to ALS, a local soft spot also known as Lou Gherig’s Disease, and I did on occasion trade $1-3 for a sticker with my name on it. But once the Ice Bucket Challenge hit social media, it exploded and I watched as Anna Wintour, Jennifer Aniston, and a few of my relatives dumped a Home Depot-sized cooler of icewater over his or her head and their friends laughed and cheered. And guess what? It raised $115 million and led to a major breakthrough in ALS research!

Sometimes I wistfully wonder what life would be like if I grew up in the 70’s – peace, love & rock n’roll running rampant while the women wore flowy dress with wavy hair, and the men wore velvet suits and bell bottom jeans – the style was amazing, but I especially wish for the peace part, including so much empowerment and self-love. The 70’s were about independence and free love, and unfortunately 2016 has been a blood-and-hate-ravaged year that revealed the true (ugly) colors of many, and very strong feelings for most; but these events and much heated dialogue have also brought about a beautiful love for others and oneself that I have never felt before.

It’s about bonding together as many layered communities: from religious to racial, Democrat and Independents, allies and LGBT, feminists, and ultimately, as a huge global community of people. In spite of the worldwide wars raging today, and the day before, and the day before, and in fact because of those wars, worldwide support for the heartbroken communities pours out of the rest. And with that global love comes self-love. I’ve heard (and LOVE!) the quote “Love breeds love” and I think life is a reflection of it.

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A girlfriend of mine just shared a concept called Sober October (detailed with humor in this Huffington Post article) and I think it’s great. The bond instantly formed by commiserating on a common desire or goal increases likelihood of attainment of that goal – think gym-buddies, cooking clubs, etc. So whether it’s newly self-discovered alcoholics (hang in there – you’re braver and stronger than you know!) or wild children (21+) who have overindulged all summer and are looking at a wet holiday season, Sobtober means that people want to experience sobriety. What fascinates me is that the word sobriety has roots back from the 1540s in steadiness and gravity; I find that being sober makes me sharper, more comfortable, confident, I have more fun, and all because I realize that I LOVE life exactly as it is. See, there’s that word again – LOVE.

It’s a big one for me. When Matt and I were first dating, we got to know each other through other all kinds of crazy questions like “what do you think is the meaning of life – why are we here?” We’d take turns answering them and talking about how wild this beautiful world is while we laid head-to-head and stared at the sky.

For me, that big question is easy. The meaning of life is love. I believe I am put on this earth to love – my husband, our dog, my incredible family and friends, but also our home, the planet, other people and animals and nature. We live in a delicate place, where our inventions can kill and the earth is being crushed under our relentless abuse. So we must respond with love, and love always starts inside.

Neglecting ourselves often has delayed consequences. We may not realize what we’re chasing until it’s too late -whether it’s a chemical fix or an emotional one – we all have vices, some worse than others, and there’s no time like the present to recognize and separate the healthy from the unhealthy. My favorite Mae West quote goes “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” But I try to live with both her wise, cheeky words, and myself in mind – the long game. I want to live a long and healthy life; a short one is truly tragic, and a long but unhealthy one can be devastating.

Love, and health, seem to be contagious. Smiles spread, and #inspo (even #fitspo) is trending with all the kids these days 🙂 I know when I wake up and see another sunrise, that’s a gift and I plan to use my time here accordingly – with love in mind, for myself, others, and the world around me.

Whether it’s that extra minute of yoga and the fact that you relish it, eyes closed, or you pledge to yourself to complete a Sober October for the pure joy of self-love and care, I hope you feel that love for yourself first. And then, share it with a smile, a hug or tell someone you love them when you feel it.

Sending you love and gratitude from our home to yours,


A Happy Wife

Happy Wife, Creative Life

Happy Wife, Creative Life

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