I prefer to think of myself as a 28 year old Martha Stewart (minus the crime) but am more like Monica Gellar (including the neuroses, plus crazier hair). I’m on an impromptu journey to explore my creativity and record the adventures on my new blog!

My name is Eliza, and I live in a little town called Hopedale with my husband M and 4 year old puppy Charlie. By day, I do process design work at a large national bank, and by nights/weekends I roll up my sleeves and play (craft, cook, garden, write, Pin, and go for long walks with my dog)!

I’m so grateful to work mostly from home and don’t have kids yet, both of which allow me enormous flexibility to flex my creative muscle – and sometimes my actual ones with yoga…ahhh 🙂

I think my “project” posts should be, in no particular order:
– fun
– simple
– happiness-inducing
– inexpensive
– easy to fit into a variety of lifestyles! I know most readers have VERY busy lives, and I want to respect that.

Fair warning – I do have a column, called (Mostly) Happy Thoughts, that represents my journal. It’s not meant to be instructive or all-knowing, just my perspective and random ramblings. I share them in efforts to open more of my soul and thoughts to you, my readers, with the deepest respect and thanks for your communion.

Thank you for joining this blogging community – I’ve learned from a few great bloggers, and will provide links to their pages as soon as I learn how to do so in a respectful & flattering manner 🙂

Here’s the plan: I’m going to do fun stuff, take photographs, and write about it (because I tend to do more fun stuff once I hear someone else enjoyed it first) – my hope is that you enjoy reading the posts and exploring fun-paths with me, and a big win for me would be when readers share with the community what YOU do for fun and to flex your creative muscles as well!!

Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think by leaving a comment! I’m honored to share this community with you 🙂