About the Blog (Happy Wife, Creative Life SOUNDS great – what’s really going on in there?!)

Disclaimer: While I like happiness and crafting, I am NOT Stepford, Parisian, or Photoshopped – in other words, my life is not perfect, 100% on-point, or flawless, and neither are my projects! I mess up, I make messes, I swear, I’m SUPER clumsy, and I fight with my husband and family sometimes. That having been said, I think sharing these crazy adventures through my blog makes it more fun 🙂 *See the rest of my disclaimer here.

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging! Here in Hopedale, we live in a constant dance of pragmatic (husband) and whimsical (me), wild and organized (both me), belly laughs and budgeting. I humbly invite you to join me as I create my happiness and hope to share it with you!
Some of my favorite tools with which to create my own happiness include getting my hands in the dirt and watching flowers and food grow, crafting all kinds of crazy stuff, hosting family and friends – and all the nuances that go with entertaining vegans and steak lovers at the same time, and writing down my thoughts so I can process them in the moment and reflect on them afterwards.
I welcome your thoughts and ideas – I’ve found that gardening, crafting, cooking and hosting, as well as blogging, are really done better when they’re part of a community!

By no means do I think marriage = happiness/creativity. I think that happy people are more free to be creative, which fuels happiness, and that’s what I want to share!

I’m always looking to connect with others and find out more about what makes you happy! Make yourself at home and explore the blog, share your feedback and ideas by posting a comment, and if you’re so inclined, follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

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